How Much Can a Chemical Peel Cost?

If you’re looking for facial rejuvenation treatments, Rejuve has them in abundance. You can choose from a collection of excellent options, all of which are non-surgical. One of our most popular offerings is a chemical peel, which can be used to treat numerous cosmetic issues. The exact cost of this treatment will depend on the peel you choose and the problems you wish to fix. 

Chemical Peel Overview

Chemical peels have been around for decades, though they’ve only just been refined in the last ten or so years. Modern chemical peels are far better and more effective than older ones, containing improved ingredients to target specific issues. The idea of a chemical peel is that you cover your skin with a solution, leaving it there until it dries or solidifies. It is then peeled off, removing a layer of your skin. This sounds extreme, but it isn’t as intense as it seems. You can choose the intensity of your peel, which basically refers to how deep it goes down.

After using a chemical peel, you’ll have a fresh layer of skin that can be free from common imperfections. It can get rid of dead skin, unclog pores, and help to remove pigmentation issues. In essence, it’s like a high-potency face mask. 

Average Costs of Chemical Peel Treatments

The cost of chemical peel treatments will vary depending on what type of peel you’re after. At Rejuve, our stronger chemical peels tend to cost more than the weaker ones. This is simply because they contain more ingredients and will present you with more benefits. According to Healthline, the average cost of a chemical peel is around $673. However, bear in mind that is the average across the board – your peel may vary greatly in price depending on a variety of factors.

Some factors that can influence final pricing are geographic location, the expertise of your provider, as well as any special pricing your provider may be offering at the time of treatment.  

Benefits of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can immediately provide patients with stunning benefits. Many of our patients will feel their skin get tighter straight after the treatment, along with seeing it improve in tone and texture. Many chemical peels also start the process of collagen production, which provides more support for your skin. In the long run, this will also make you look a lot younger!

A chemical peel treatment can also get rid of acne scars and other imperfections that have plagued you for years. The great thing about chemical peels is that you have complete freedom to choose how strong yours is. It doesn’t matter if you have mild or severe cosmetic issues, there will be a chemical peel that treats the problem. 

At REJUVE MED SPA, we are proud to offer an advanced range of options to care for your health. Fill out the form below or call our office at (469) 871-6282 to schedule a consultation.

Am I a Candidate for Chemical Peels?

If you’re looking for a procedure that offers a deeper exfoliating effect than the products you use at home, you could be a candidate for chemical peels. They’re great for anyone with cosmetic skin imperfections, particularly if you’re looking for a non-invasive cosmetic procedure. 

Nevertheless, chemical peels aren’t suitable for people with sensitive skin or rashes/infections on their faces. If you’re unsure if this applies to you or not, it will be discussed during your consultation.

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