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Do you want a hassle-free alternative to shaving, waxing, or using chemicals to remove pesky unwanted hair? Look no further than Rejuve Med-Spa, the official laser hair removal provider for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. No matter your skin type, rest assured that our team of experts and state-of-the-art technology will give you the best results and experience.

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Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal for Unwanted Hair

Rejuve Med-Spa strives to use the most advanced technology and techniques to achieve uncompromising results for our clients, which is why we use the Alma Soprano ICE™, a cutting-edge and effective laser hair removal solution. ICE™ combines multiple wavelengths with a diode laser and is FDA-approved to treat all skin types. 

Utilizing multiple wavelengths allows the hair follicle to absorb more energy, increasing the treatment’s effectiveness. ICE’s™ contact cooling cold sapphire tip minimizes the risk of skin complications while maintaining the necessary heat where hair follicles grow, ensuring you are as comfortable as possible without compromising your results. Our commitment to quality, results-driven treatments is why we are the chosen provider for laser hair removal for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders!

*Individual results vary.

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Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal offers long-lasting results by targeting the hair follicles, not just the hair itself. The pigment in the hair absorbs the laser light and heats up. This damages the follicles, preventing them from growing new hair.

At Rejuve Med-Spa, laser hair removal sessions with Soprano ICE™ take half the treatment time, thanks to having two technicians working with each client during sessions when possible. Our trained technicians use a sweeping paintbrush technique to keep the laser in constant motion, quickly covering even large areas like the back and legs with massage-like comfort. Full-leg laser hair removal can last up to 60 minutes, while smaller areas like the upper lip or underarms can take as little as 15 minutes.

Laser hair removal treatment takes multiple sessions because hair follicles exist in three phases: growth, transitional, and dormant or resting. Laser hair removal targets only the follicles in the growth phase, which means once resting follicles become active, you will need another session to eliminate those hairs. A typical client requires a minimum of seven treatments to complete the removal process, but many clients see improvement after just one to two sessions.

Clients can return to their regular schedule immediately following their laser hair removal session. Laser hair removal with Soprano ICE™ is virtually pain-free, though you may feel some mild irritation in the treatment area, which typically fades 15 to 30 minutes after treatment. We recommend waiting 24 hours before resuming exercise to ensure optimal results.

Most clients see immediate results after their laser hair removal series. With continued sessions, you can continue to see improvements in your results. Laser hair removal not only reduces hair but also may also result in finer, lighter hair in the treatment area that’s less noticeable. 

It is important to note that despite popular belief, laser hair removal is usually not permanent. The results of laser hair removal are long-term, and continued treatments will make unwanted hair finer, lighter, and less prevalent. 

Laser hair removal can be an effective and hassle-free treatment for removing unwanted hair long-term compared to traditional hair removal methods. Your exact results will depend on your unique hair and customized treatment plan.

Because the Soprano ICE™ is safe for all skin tones, most individuals who want to remove unwanted hair make good candidates for treatment. During your in-person consultation, we will assess your unique hair color and skin type and present you with a customized treatment plan before you make any commitment. As long as there is sufficient pigment in your hair, laser hair removal with the Soprano ICE™ could be right for you.

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Rejuve Med-Spa serves the Addison / North Dallas & Borderline Plano areas, including Carrollton, Frisco, and Richardson, TX.

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The Official Laser Hair Removal Provider for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

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Karen is amazing! I got really bad acne when I moved here and had no idea who to go to and trust and Karen has helped my face get better at every treatment and truly isn’t out to get money and adding unnecessary treatment for the $$. She has gone routes that help my face while not hurting the bank lol amazing experience! Been coming here for over a year and it’s been so great, my skin is healing and looking better than it did when I first entered. I trust & recommend this place all the time

Tiffany S.

I’ve been seeing Karen at Rejuve Med-Spa for a little over 6 months now. I’ve always struggled with my skin but in just a few months I’ve noticed such a difference! Karen is so knowledgeable and tailors my facials to what my skin really needs. She answers any and all questions I have about skin treatments or products. She’s the best, I highly recommend!

Meaghan B.

Cannot say enough good things about Karen and Rejuve Med-Spa! I’ve been seeing Karen for over two years and she has completely transformed my skin, bringing me confidence I didn’t know I had. She is so patient, knowledgeable, personable, and SO GOOD at what she does! Wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else.

Noor A.

I mean, I can’t say enough great things about this place! From the moment you walk in, you are greeted with a warm smile, such a friendly hello; you just feel so welcome. I see Karen for my facials and absolutely love her! She just knows exactly what to do with my skin and I already see such great improvements in just a short few months. Already can’t wait for my next appointment! 🙂

Anna N.

Real patients, real stories, real results.

Read Patient Testimonials

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