How To Reduce Your Double Chin

Rejuve Med-Spa offers a non-invasive treatment to help get rid of your double chin for good. Learn how Kybella® can reduce your double chin and give you the sculpted neck, chin, and jaw you’re looking for. 

Solving The Double Chin Problem

No one likes the appearance of a double chin. While there are a number of surgical options available, Kybella® is currently the most popular and effective treatment for this problem area. What is Kybella? How does it work? What can patients expect from the procedure? And what are results like after a few months or years post-Kybella® injection? Read on for answers to all your questions about Kybella® so you know if it’s the right solution for your double chin. 

How Does Kybella® Work?

Kybella® works by destroying fat cells in the neck, which then sculpts the appearance of your chin. Unlike liposuction or surgery, Kybella® does not require any incisions, anesthesia and involves minimal downtime, with a few days of soreness or bruising possible. This makes it an appealing option for those looking to get rid of their double chin with less recovery time than surgery. 

Kybella® injections placed into the fat beneath your chin damage fat cells in this area. Kybella®, or deoxycholic acid, acts as part of the body’s natural fat breakdown process, so it causes gradual shrinking until the double chin has reduced significantly.

Once fat cells have been disrupted, your body’s lymphatic system will clear away the dead fat cells. These never come back, so results are usually permanent. You will not see immediate results from the procedure since it takes the body some time to remove these fat cells, which can take up to six months for results to be fully visible. When all injection sites have been fully treated, the appearance of your double chin will look dramatically different.

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What Can You Expect From Double Chin Reduction?

Results vary from person to person, but most people will see a reduction in the size of their double chin after 2-4 weeks, with the more dramatic outcome occurring after 4-6 months. Some may need more than one treatment to achieve optimal results, but Kybella® works for many patients and produces excellent results when used appropriately. Rejuve Med-Spa staff have considerable training in this procedure and administer these injections with expertise. 

While not a weight-loss treatment, Kybella® does reduce fat inside your neck causing you to lose volume in this area. Kybella® can even help improve posture by eliminating the excess fat that causes interference with your chin muscles.

Recovery time is minimal with this procedure – typically only requiring some ice packs after injections are given as well as ibuprofen or acetaminophen for any pain.

Kybella® is a safe and effective option to get rid of your double chin that maintains maximum comfort while you’re undergoing the procedure. Contact us today if Kybella® sounds like it could be an appropriate treatment for reducing fat under your chin.

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