How Does PRP Work?

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, and it is obtained from within your body. It’s an injectable treatment that can be used for a few common conditions, though it is mainly targeted at hair loss. The process by which PRP works can be quite complex, but it uses growth factors and stem cells in your blood to encourage cell growth. As you’ll see when reading through this guide, this can have many benefits!

What is PRP Used For?

In the medical field, PRP injections have been around and are commonly used to treat injured tendons, ligaments, and muscles. However, in the cosmetic industry, it is more commonly used as a form of hair restoration. With PRP injections, you can enjoy thicker hair that doesn’t fall out – as well as more hair growth on your scalp.

How Does PRP Work?

When you undergo PRP treatments, there are multiple steps involved. Firstly, blood is taken from you, where it is then spun in a centrifuge. Here, your blood is split into three different parts, one of those being platelet-rich plasma. The PRP is then added to a syringe and injected into a target area on your scalp. This will usually be an area with thinning hair, or a part of your scalp where you want to encourage hair regrowth. 

By injecting your scalp with PRP, it’s believed that the growth factors and stem cells in the solution will trigger natural hair growth. It can also boost collagen and keratin production, which are the two key proteins for maintaining hair strength. Therefore, the idea is that you have more hairs growing, and fewer hairs falling out. Thus, you end up with thicker, fuller, hair. 

Benefits of PRP

Because you’re using something that’s taken from your own blood, PRP is instantly a safe treatment option. It lowers the risks of any side effects occurring, and you also benefit from keeping your hair in good condition by not covering it with chemicals. You can enjoy hair growth and a lack of hair loss without paying for expensive hair transplant procedures as well! 

PRP treatments don’t take much time and are virtually painless. They also don’t have any significant downtime, meaning candidates can go about their days as usual. It is simply a safe and effective treatment to prevent hair loss and improve your overall hair health – what more could you want?

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Am I a Candidate for PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma is suitable for a range of clients. Firstly, it is available for men and women that are seeking hair restoration procedures. However, it works best on candidates with mild hair loss – or those that are just starting to see the signs of thinning hair. If you have already begun to recede drastically, this might not be helpful for you. While PRP can delay any future hair loss, it’s unlikely to reverse what’s already been lost. You may be better off opting for a hair transplant instead. Don’t worry, your suitability will be discussed during your consultation before any treatments are carried out.

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