What is PRP?

There are plenty of innovative and unique treatments that are offered at Rejuve Med-Spa. One of our most revolutionary offerings is PRP Therapy. It’s something that’s existed for some time yet has only been introduced to the cosmetic world recently. There are lots of benefits of this treatment, and it can be used in a host of different ways. 

About Platelet-rich Plasma

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, and it is a natural substance that can be injected into your body. Ironically, PRP actually comes from your body as well! A blood sample is taken and a centrifuge is used to isolate the plasma from the sample. From here, the plasma is concentrated until you’re left solely with the PRP solution. You can then inject this back into a specific part of your body to experience various benefits. 

Why is plasma used? Well, platelet-rich plasma is a component of blood that contains growth factors that form clots. In essence, this is how your body stops bleeding when you have a cut. The plasma swarms the side, rebuilding the area. As such, injecting part of your body with PRP can help accelerate cell growth in that area and promote the natural healing process. 

PRP Uses

In the cosmetic world, PRP can be used to treat so many different issues. At Rejuve, we offer PRP as a standalone treatment, or alongside other procedures. Currently, it is useful for the following problems:

PRP for Hair Loss

PRP reduces hair loss and can make your hair a lot thicker. This is because it stimulates stem cell growth in the area, encouraging the production of new hair follicles. 

PRP for Wrinkles & Fine Lines

A PRP injection on its own can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It supercharges collagen production, making your skin appear smoother and tighter. You can also pair PRP with microneedling for an even better skin rejuvenation effect!

PRP for Sexual Health

That’s right, PRP is useful for improving a woman’s sexual health! This is done via the O-Shot, which is a treatment using PRP to encourage collagen production and new blood vessels in the vagina. It can ease pain during sex, increase sensations in the vagina, improve vaginal lubrication, enhance vaginal tightness, and prevent issues like urinary incontinence.

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Benefits of PRP

One of the key benefits of PRP is that it’s a natural way of addressing many problems. You’re using your own blood plasma to encourage new cell growth and see incredible results. It’s also a very safe treatment, with only an injection required to administer it. There’s no need to be under anesthesia or have any surgery to see the benefits of PRP! 

You also benefit from the fact that it’s backed by science. PRP has been used in the medical field for decades as a way of treating muscle injuries because of it’s healing properties and the way it encourages cell growth. This has been transferred to the cosmetic world, and the science backs up the results.

Am I a Candidate for Platelet-rich Plasma Treatments?

PRP is a suitable treatment for most adults that suffer from any of the issues mentioned above. Because it is taken from your blood, you’re almost guaranteed to have no side effects. If you’re after a natural way of handling some of your personal problems, this could be the treatment for you.

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