Top 3 Benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma

Our skin produces proteins to help with skin and hair health. Collagen, keratin, and elastin are a few. As we age, however, our bodies make less of these vital proteins resulting in hair loss, wrinkling, and other aging symptoms. At Rejuve Med-Spa, platelet-rich plasma is used to restore lost hair and maximize the effectiveness of anti-aging treatments to restore your youthful glow. 

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is the liquid and protein-rich part of your blood responsible for clotting and encouraging tissue regeneration. In the medical community, PRP is often used to treat sports injuries and speed up the healing process of surgical procedures. In cosmetic aesthetics, PRP can help to reduce signs of aging and promote hair growth.

In PRP treatments, a small amount of your blood is extracted and placed in a centrifuge. The device spins and splits the blood into three parts: one of which is PRP. For injections, the PRP is placed in a syringe and injected into the target area. PRP is also added in other treatments such as dermal fillers and microneedling to decrease downtime and enhance your final results.

Top 3 Benefits of PRP

Platelet-rich plasma is becoming a popular therapy in the cosmetic industry for its healing factors and anti-aging benefits. The top 3 benefits of PRP are:

No Side Effects

Since it uses your own blood, there is no risk of rejection. You can thicken the hair on your head, reduce signs of aging, and improve the results of your cosmetic procedures without using potentially harmful chemicals. 

Variety Of Uses

PRP often is added to microneedling and other skin care treatments to improve the results. Whether fine lines or thinning hair, PRP increases the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and keratin to promote skin structure and hair strength. PRP can also be used in vaginal rejuvenation (O-shots) and hair loss restoration. 

Speeds Up Recovery

PRP is the natural substance from our blood to heal minor injuries. In cosmetic procedures such as microneedling, PRP can shorten the recovery period and minimize redness or swelling. 

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Am I a Candidate for PRP Injections?

Nearly anyone is a good candidate for PRP injections since it uses your own blood. If you are using it for hair loss, it is best for the beginnings of hair loss. If you are interested in using PRP for anti-aging purposes, most people are good candidates as long as they are good candidates for complementary procedures such as microneedling or a facial. 

If you take blood-thinning medication or struggle with hemophilia, you might not be a good candidate for PRP injections.

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