Rejuve Med Spa laser technicians have years of experience removing tattoos, and they can remove yours in less time and with less discomfort. Using a special Q-Plus C laser, Rejuve Med Spa can remove even challenging pigments for a faster, more complete removal

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How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work? 

The Q-Plus C laser for laser tattoo removal uses a variety of wavelengths that target tattoo particles of all colors. Some lasers only remove darker tattoo pigments, but this one can remove even bright colors like yellows and greens. This means that the laser can remove tattoos more completely than others, giving you better overall results. 

The energy from the laser encounters a particle of tattoo ink in the skin and breaks the ink apart. These broken ink particles will get cleared away by the body’s natural removal process. Darker colors will often be the first to fade, and older tattoos fade faster than newer ones because the ink has migrated closer to the skin’s surface. 

What Do You Need to Know About Laser Tattoo Removal?

Before you get your tattoo removed, you may have some questions. How long will it take, and how much will it cost? Does it hurt?

Tattoo Removal Can Be a Long Process

Removing your tattoo may take six to eight sessions or even more. With six to eight weeks of skin recovery between treatments, your tattoo removal could take up to a year or possibly longer. Consult with your Rejuve Med Spa laser technician about how many sessions you may need. 

Tattoo Removal Can Be Uncomfortable

Tattoo removal with the Rejuve Med Spa’s laser has been described as feeling like being snapped with a rubber band. Each person’s pain tolerance varies, and tattoo removal has become much more comfortable now that treatments take less time and use more efficient lasers. 

Laser Tattoo Removal Can Be Expensive

The average cost for a session ranges between $200 and $500, but Rejuve Med Spa offers financing as well as special discounts that can make your treatment easier to afford. 

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Does Laser Tattoo Removal Have Any Downtime?

You will feel some soreness in the area for several days to a week. Redness, swelling, and itching often occur but will go away within a few days. You should avoid exposing your healing skin to the sun. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Tattoo Removal?

If you feel tattoo regret or for whatever reason no longer want that tattoo, you are probably a good candidate for laser tattoo removal. The ideal candidate has reasonable expectations and understands the extended time period treatment may involve. 

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