Sunshine is a big part of the appeal of being outdoors, but it doesn’t come without risks. The cumulative effect of our time outside shows in the form of sun damage, age spots, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, and pigment changes. The sun is a powerful source of UV light, so you need a powerful procedure to combat its effects, and at Rejuve Med Spa, we have just such a powerful tool to fight sun damage.

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How Does Harmony® XL Laser Work?

Harmony® XL is a photo facial laser using advanced fluorescence to treat sun and age spots, discoloration, mottled skin tone and texture, and more, restoring the skin’s vibrant glow. It works by sending short, low-energy pulses of broadband light into your tissues, specifically aiming for pigmentation problems within your skin. The pigment absorbs the light and breaks down, causing cell death. Smaller pigment particles will be filtered out of your body through the lymphatic system, and those remnants too big for filtering will flake off the surface of your skin, leaving behind a brighter, fresher, more uniform complexion.

In conjunction with the Harmony® XL laser, Rejuve Med Spa also employs the Visia skin analysis system. This complimentary 3D topography of your skin uses standard white light, crosspolarize flash, and UV photography to expose both surface and subsurface skin conditions such as spots, pores, wrinkles, skin tone unevenness, UV spots, porphyrins, and photo damage. From this, we learn your skin’s every detail, from hydration, damage, and more, and the multifaceted data helps us plan a treatment unlike that of any other clinic in the Dallas area.

Am I a Good Candidate for Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Harmony® XL is FDA-approved to work on a variety of skin types, so most anyone in relatively good health is a candidate for photo facial treatments. Realistic expectations, alongside a comprehensive Visia skin analysis will help your Rejuve Med Spa provider determine your specific treatment plan and what will most effectively address your skin concerns. This multi-spectrum 3D map of your skin shows us what’s going on both above and below the surface, so we know best how to optimize your results.

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What are Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatments Like?

Photo facial treatments can take between 20-60 minutes, and because the Harmony® XL laser uses light rather than heat, there is no damage to the outer layer of skin, which makes the procedure virtually pain free. Patients typically resume their daily schedules immediately. Even makeup is immediately permitted so long as its application and removal is gentle. Some redness is possible, but usually dissipates quickly.

The results make all the difference. Because it takes the body time to filter out shattered pigment particles, real, measurable results are common after 9-12 weeks. Most patients require between 3-6 treatments to complete the reduction of sun damage.

At Rejuve Med Spa, our staff isn’t paid on commission, so your consultation is as low-pressure as possible. You’ll learn all the information you need, including pricing, to make the best decision for your treatment. You can relax in our opulent spa atmosphere knowing you’re in the best hands possible for reversing sun damage and restoring the glow of your youth.

I love going to Rejuve, the atmosphere is relaxing and beautiful, and the staff are so knowledgeable and helpful! Im currently getting laser hair removal and facial treatments for my sun spots/melasma, and my esthetician Morgan always makes sure I’m comfortable during every step of the process. Highly recommend this med spa!

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