FemiLift Success Story Feminine Tightening

Cindy is a 39-year-old mother of three. She came in to receive the FemiLift treatment after struggling with urinary incontinence after her last childbirth. She felt “noticeable results after the first treatment” and stated that she was “surprised at how quickly the treatment was performed.” She continued with her series of treatments and was not only able to resolve the incontinence, but was also able to enjoy the other benefits FemiLift offers, such as vaginal tightening for intimate moments with her husband. Here’s what she had to say:

“I was a bit nervous at first, because my condition was embarrassing to talk about. I was just so tired of feeling insecure and self-conscious about my urinary leakage. I was apprehensive about getting surgery when I finally confided in a friend who had recently had a FemiLift treatment. She informed met that FemiLift was perfect for vaginal health issues. Everything from yeast infections to post-menopause to vaginal tightening for more pleasurable intimacy. I was so anxious to solve my incontinence that I scheduled a consultation the very next day to see if the treatment was really as good as it sounded.”

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“I was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy the procedure was. I felt very little discomfort with the laser (pain was one of my biggest concerns!) and I was in and out of the treatment room in 20 minutes. I must emphasize that the downtime was so minimal that I could go straight to work and continue with my regular routine without having to think twice about the FemiLift treatment I’d had earlier that day.”

“This is definitely a treatment I would recommend to any woman who is conscious of her feminine physical vitality. It has given me the freedom I wasn’t sure I would ever get back. Thank you FemiLift!”

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