Elite Hair Restoration Package

We all want healthy, beautiful hair. But unfortunately, many of us will struggle with hair loss as the years go on. Our team of experts at Rejuve Med Spa can help you restore and even enhance your hair. We go above and beyond the typical med spa treatments for hair loss with our Elite Hair Restoration Package, a multi-step treatment program that produces unparalleled results. 

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Elite Hair Restoration for Hair Loss

Up to 50% of people struggle with hereditary hair loss. Others may lose hair from stress, illness, medical conditions, or lifestyle factors. Whatever the cause, thinning areas and bald spots can be a significant source of distress and frustration. Many people find little to no success with at-home treatments and products.

That’s why we offer the Elite Hair Restoration Package to revive your healthy head of hair. This customized treatment plan is a three-month process that promotes a healthier scalp, decreases shedding, and stimulates hair growth.

How the Elite Hair Restoration Package Works

Our Elite Hair Restoration Package combines three separate treatments to completely revitalize your hair. While these treatments are already effective at counteracting hair loss alone, they produce superior results together. We pamper your hair with HydraFacial® Keravive™, PRP therapy, and exosomes for total rejuvenation.

HydraFacial® Keravive™

Many of our patients already know and love HydraFacial® treatments to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate their skin. But why stop there? HydraFacial® Keravive™ offers the same luxury and rejuvenating benefits for your hair. Much like the facial, the Keravive™ treatment uses a three-step process that deeply cleanses your hair and scalp, then infuses the skin and hair follicles with potent serums to boost growth and health.

PRP Injections

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a treatment made from your own blood that has natural healing and rejuvenating properties. First, a small amount of your blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge to extract the PRP. This PRP is rich in growth factors and stem cells. When injected into your scalp, it stimulates a healing response, promoting collagen, elastin, and keratin production. We also offer PRP therapy for skin rejuvenation.


Like PRP, BENEV exosomes are a treatment that utilizes your body’s natural healing ability. Exosomes are tiny (20-300 nm) containers of material from inside the cell, and they are released to carry information between cells, facilitating the communication between cells like fibroblasts and immune cells. They can carry and transmit cytokines, growth factors, and other powerful signaling molecules and can even transfer RNA. 

When applied to the scalp, exosomes trigger tissue repair and improve the health of skin cells and hair follicles. They activate dormant follicles and stimulate new hair growth. Applying exosomes to your scalp during a hair restoration treatment increases the effectiveness of the HydraFacial® Keravive™ and PRP therapy by supporting scalp and follicle health and growth. 

Elite Hair Restoration Treatment Timeline

Since this hair restoration package involves three types of treatments, and each is performed multiple times, the process has several steps that take place over three months. Your treatment will begin with three HydraFacial® Keravive™ sessions spaced four weeks apart. A couple of weeks after your HydraFacial® Keravive™ sessions, you’ll return to our office for PRP injections and exosomes, which are applied topically after the injections.

We will repeat this entire process twice more. You’ll have a total of six in-office appointments over three months. The treatments can be repeated until desired results are achieved.

Prp Hair Restoration North Dallas

Elite Hair Restoration Downtime

PRP therapy, HydraFacial treatments, and exosomes all require no downtime on their own, and the same is true when they’re combined. You’ll be able to resume your regular activities immediately after each appointment. 

HydraFacial® Keravive™ is a gentle, spa-like treatment that patients often find enjoyable and relaxing. The Keravive treatment preps the scalp for the PRP and Exosomes. It typically has no side effects, though occasionally, patients may experience some itchiness post procedure. 

Your PRP injections will also require no downtime. Some minor redness, tenderness, or swelling at the injection sites is normal. These side effects subside quickly, and the application of exosomes can further reduce swelling and speed up recovery.

Benefits of the Elite Hair Restoration Package

The Elite Hair Restoration Package at Rejuve Med Spa is a safe, non-invasive way to effectively treat hair loss and thinning hair. Our three-part treatment process increases your hair’s health and growth. Patients can expect benefits like:

  • Thicker, fuller hair
  • Improved hair growth
  • Decreased shedding and hair loss
  • Reduced bald spots or widening part 
  • Softer, shinier hair

Elite Hair Restoration Package Results

Each step of the hair restoration process helps gradually rejuvenate your scalp and hair, so results aren’t immediate. After each HydraFacial® Keravive™ session, your scalp will feel clean and refreshed, but it takes time to see visible improvement.

You’ll start seeing results as the PRP therapy, BENEV Exosomes, and Keravive™ serums strengthen your hair and promote new growth. Most patients begin to notice thicker hair at the end of the three-month treatment process, and these results may continue improving for several months. Our Elite Hair Restoration Package can help keep your hair looking and feeling its best for a couple of years, and you can undergo another treatment whenever needed.

Elite Hair Restoration Package Candidates 

Almost anyone who wants to improve their hair can benefit from our Elite Hair Restoration Package. PRP therapy, BENEV exosomes, and HydraFacial® Keravive™ are safe for all skin and hair types. 

If you struggle with thinning hair, excess shedding, or dry and damaged hair, you may be a good candidate for our hair restoration treatment. One of our experts at Rejuve Med Spa will evaluate your hair and discuss your goals to help you determine if this treatment is right for you.

Take the Next Step

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*Individual Results May Vary*

*Individual Results May Vary*