What Can Microneedling Treat?

Our bodies have an impressive healing process. With innovative treatments like microneedling, your Rejuve Med-Spa expert can take advantage of your body’s natural healing response to revive your skin.

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a skin rejuvenation treatment that boosts collagen and elastin production. At Rejuve Med-Spa, we use the FDA-cleared SkinPen® microneedling device. This handheld device uses several tiny needles to cause controlled microdamage to the skin. Your body’s healing response kicks in to increase blood flow, form new blood vessels, remove and replace the damaged skin cells, and produce more collagen and elastin.

With SkinPen® microneedling, we can harness your body’s healing abilities to improve your skin’s health and appearance. We’ll apply a numbing cream to your treatment area, so you should feel little to no discomfort. Most people need three or more microneedling treatments for optimal results.

What Skin Concerns Can Microneedling Treat?

We offer SkinPen® microneedling for various concerns almost anywhere on the body. You can have microneedling on your face, neck, arms, legs, and more. 

In the hands of one of our skilled experts, the SkinPen® can improve your skin in many ways. The primary benefit of microneedling is increased collagen production. Collagen is essential for your skin’s structure and health but naturally decreases as we age. This makes microneedling an effective anti-aging treatment by reversing the decline of collagen. Boosted collagen can improve skin texture, tightness, scarring, pigmentation, and more.

SkinPen® microneedling can treat skin conditions such as:

  • Acne scars
  • Hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone
  • Enlarged pores
  • Stretch marks
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin texture and tone

When Will I See Microneedling Results?

For many patients, microneedling can provide immediate improvements to their complexion. However, it takes time for your skin to build new collagen and elastin fibers, so the best results take three to six months to appear. Most people need a series of three or more treatments, depending on what they’re trying to treat. Acne scarring, deeper wrinkles, and stretch marks may take several treatments.

Once you’ve achieved your desired results, you can maintain them with occasional follow-up treatments. Since the benefits of microneedling typically last several months, we recommend annual maintenance treatments.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Microneedling?

Most people who want to rejuvenate their skin are good candidates for microneedling. SkinPen® microneedling can be customized to your needs, with different needle sizes and depths to treat various skin concerns. SkinPen® microneedling is safe for all skin types and tones. However, we may not recommend microneedling if you have an active skin condition in the treatment area, are pregnant or nursing, or have certain medical conditions or medications.

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