Vaser Upgrade from Laser Lipo

Earlier this year, the professionals at Rejuve decided to upgrade the Lipo technology from Laser Lipo to Vaser Lipo. Here’s why we made our choice.

Vaser Lipo utilizes ultrasound technology to liquefy fat in the selected area. Because no laser is involved, the ultrasound can be more selective toward the fat rather than targeting surrounding tissue and blood vessels. With this targeting, down-time is significantly reduced with minimal trauma to the area.

The ultrasound waves can break down the fat in the entire area with minimal risk of burning, when compared to laser, which requires heat to melt fat. Because the ultrasound waves travel continuously, they can melt the fat evenly, where a collimated laser beam can only melt what it touches.

Our patients who have experienced Vaser lipo are noticing more even and smooth healing.