Can Chemical Peels Be Used for Skin Tightening?

Have you noticed the appearance of skin laxity and fine lines? Chemical peels can tighten and firm your skin while correcting many other issues. These versatile treatments come in a variety of formulas to address different needs, ensuring we have a chemical peel for almost anyone. 

What are Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels usually use acids to provide chemical exfoliation of the skin. The acids gently break up the bonds holding your dead, lifeless outer layers of skin together and sweep them away. Each peel works at a different depth to target specific concerns. Light peels are often used for brightening and improving minor textural issues, while deeper peels can treat skin laxity, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage. 

Can Chemical Peels Be Used for Skin Tightening?

Chemical peels can be used for skin tightening and many other purposes. Rejuve Med-Spa offers a range of facial peels and will help you choose the best one for your needs. 

The Illuminize Peel

This light peel exfoliates away dull skin cells to brighten and rejuvenate. It makes an excellent option for those new to chemical peels or looking for a healthy glow before a big event.

The Vitalize Peel

This anti-aging medium peel is our most popular choice. It smooths fine lines, tightens and firms the skin, and improves texture. It can also diminish the appearance of acne. 

The Rejuvenize Peel

This more intensive peel addresses textural and pigmentation issues at a deeper level for more dramatic results. It makes a good choice for those familiar with chemical peels who want something more powerful. 

The RevePeel

This medium-strength peel works on hyperpigmentation fine lines, acne scars, and uneven skin texture. It provides noticeably youthful-looking, vibrant skin with as little as one peel. 

Enlighted RX Peel

This 28-day program specializes in hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and melasma. However, it also provides smoother, more even skin that looks more youthful.

What are the Benefits of Chemical Peels?

With so many options at Rejuve Med-Spa, why do we still love chemical peels? These versatile treatments have several significant benefits:

  • Customizable
  • Can treat many skin concerns simultaneously 
  • Treatments often take half an hour or less
  • Powerful anti-aging results
  • Targeted to your needs

Unlike many energy-based treatments like lasers, chemical peels usually work safely on all skin types and tones. We can choose a chemical peel appropriate for dry, oily, acne-prone, or sensitive skin. 

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Is There Any Downtime After a Chemical Peel? 

Downtime after a chemical peel varies depending on the strength of the peel. With a light peel, you may have no downtime other than some mild redness for a few hours. A medium peel may result in redness, flaking, and sensitivity lasting two to four days. You can choose the peel that fits best with your schedule and your skincare needs. 

Am I a Good Candidate for a Chemical Peel?

We offer a chemical peel suitable for almost anyone. Good candidates for a chemical peel want a powerful, effective way to treat skin concerns. While some peels may not be right for some people, we have at least one peel that will work for almost any skin type. You should not have a chemical peel if your skin is injured or irritated. 

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