Am I A Good Candidate For the Elite Hair Restoration Program?


Up to half of all adults, male and female, deal with androgenic alopecia or other hereditary forms of hair loss. Affected hair follicles become dormant and stop growing new hairs. The Elite Hair Restoration Program at Rejuve Med Spa rejuvenates your scalp and follicles to stimulate healthy new hair growth. 

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What is the Elite Hair Restoration Program?

At Rejuve Med Spa, we know that hair loss has multiple causes and benefits from a multi-step treatment process. The Elite Hair Restoration Program uses three different energizing treatments to boost follicle activity and stimulate hair growth. This non-surgical, hormone-free program is safe and effective for men and women dealing with hair loss. 

Am I a Good Candidate for the Elite Hair Restoration Program?

Hair loss has many causes, but the most familiar one is a genetic condition called androgenic alopecia. It typically causes male pattern baldness in men and overall thinning in women, but this may vary. People with this common condition are usually excellent candidates for the Elite Hair Restoration Program. People with other types of hair loss may also be candidates, but only a consultation can determine this. 

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What is Included in the Elite Hair Restoration Program?

We recommend the Elite Hair Restoration Program for almost anyone seeking medication-free hair restoration options. The program includes:

PRP Injections

Your blood contains powerful healing and growth factors that can rejuvenate the scalp and improve blood flow. PRP (platelet-rich plasma) harvests your blood’s platelets and injects them into your scalp. You will receive a series of PRP treatments over three months, resulting in healthier, more active follicles. 


Exosomes are tiny packages used by cells to transfer important signals and information. BENEV exosomes transfer signaling molecules like cytokines and growth factors. As exosomes fuse with the targeted cells, they effectively deliver powerful activating messages. Exosomes are applied topically after your PRP injections. 

HydraFacial® Keravive™

Just like your face, the skin of your scalp can become dry or oily, and your pores and follicles can become plugged with dead skin cells. HydraFacial® Keravive™ is a refreshing scalp treatment that cleanses and rejuvenates the scalp while clearing follicles and stimulating hair growth. We recommend at least three HydraFacial® Keravive™ treatments as part of the hair restoration program. 

How Long Does it Take to See Hair Restoration Results?

Many people notice that their scalp and hair feel clean and rejuvenated after a HydraFacial® Keravive™ treatment. The results of the PRP and exosomes take longer to appear as they trigger changes to the scalp and follicles. Most people notice improvements in hair growth by the end of their three-month program

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