As you get a little older, a combination of gravity and the natural progression of aging can change your facial appearance. If you’ve lost the youthful face shape that you once had, Rejuve Med Spa’s team of experienced aestheticians and medical assistants can use Novathread treatment to restore your youthful appearance. 

Novathreads offer an alternative to invasive facelifts and still deliver significant transformations to the patient’s face. The increasingly popular non-surgical facelift is available to both men and women and can provide amazing results.

Novathreads North Dallas

What are Novathreads 

Novathreads, otherwise known as PDO threads, are a form of facial rejuvenation that requires inserting a Polydioxanone thread into the dermis. A needle is inserted under the epidermis layer of skin before the PDO thread is ejected. The needle is then removed but the thread itself remains, subsequently stimulating collagen synthesis and lifting.

The procedure is completed by an experienced aesthetician and it aims to provide a lift to the face while simultaneously removing the visible presence of wrinkles caused by the impacts of aging. Novathreads are commonly accepted as the best PDO threads and are recommended by many.

Benefits of Novathreads

A growing number of patients are choosing Novathreads over the more traditional facelift for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is far less invasive than a facelift while it is more suitable for minor cases where a facelift isn’t necessary.

There are many additional incentives for choosing Novathreads as a course of action to unlock younger-looking skin, including but not limited to;

  • The PDO is naturally absorbed and will boost collagen production.
  • Skin structures created by the PDO will hold for up to 15 months for lasting results.
  • Injections are made in a mesh pattern to promote a natural face shape and deliver instant laxity.
  • The main recovery will pass in just 3 days while you can resume all activities after 2 weeks.
  • Maintenance appointments are only required every 18 months.

Novathreads produce noticeable improvements with immediate results followed by further progress for a natural transformation. Moreover, Rejuve Med Spa aestheticians boast over 150 years of combined experience to ensure that the Novathread injectables are inserted in a safe and efficient manner.

The treatment can be preceded by a local anesthetic to remove any pain or discomfort. 

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Am I a Candidate for Novathreads? 

If noticeable changes to the shape of your face are starting to impact your appearance and self-confidence, Novathreads are a great option. If you are worried about the costs, invasive nature, or potential side effects of a surgical facelift, this route offers a safer and more convenient solution with far less downtime. It is particularly useful for correct mild-to-moderate issues and is suitable for all adults.

While primarily used for the face, the injectables can be used on the hands, arms, and legs too. If a PDO thread lift is identified as right for you, Novathreads are the best and most efficient in class.

“I went to rejuve med spa after reading all the reviews and I could not be more happier. I would highly recommend Morgan, she made me feel so comfortable, she made sure to address all of my concerns. Morgan has helped my skin transform. She is very informative and knows her job well. Thank You Morgan” *

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