Thread lifts have been around since the 1990s, but recent innovations surrounding the materials of the threads have resulted in current popularity. As an alternative to the expensive surgical facelifts, thread lifts allow for facial rejuvenation for mild-to-moderate signs of aging. 

What is a Thread Lift?

As we age, our collagen production, the protein responsible for skin structure, declines. At Rejuve Med Spa, we use polydioxanone threads in our Novathread treatments to physically lift your facial features and stimulate collagen production. 

The thread lift is administered in a mesh pattern to improve the effectiveness of the thread lift. After administering local anesthesia, one of our skilled experts inserts a cannula with the PDO thread under the skin. The thread is inserted at the appropriate depth and angle to maximize lift, and then the cannula is removed.

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How Much Does a Thread Lift Cost?

The cost of a thread lift depends on the type of thread used, the number of threads administered, the provider’s credentials, practice location, and any other add-on treatments you may combine with a thread lift. At Rejuve, we use PDO thread and up to 15 threads per treatment area. 

According to reviews on RealSelf, the average cost of a thread lift is $2,025, but some may range up to $5,500. Please schedule a consultation with Rejuve Med Spa for a more accurate price. 

Results of a Thread Lift

The results of a thread lift are immediate, but improvement continues over 1-2 months. You will see lifted skin for a more youthful V-shape appearance and higher collagen production for brighter, younger skin. According to reviewers on RealSelf, 79% say the thread lift is worth it! 

At Rejuve Med Spa, our staff has a combined experience of over 150 years, along with certifications for all our laser technicians, aestheticians, and medical assistants. We are the trusted med spa for laser hair removal for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Our certifications and experience guarantee a bright and beautiful lift.

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How Long Does a Thread Lift Last?

The threads themselves tend to last 4-6 months. The pulling and tightening during this period increase collagen production, which builds lasting structure to the target areas during this process. 

After your body absorbs the threads, the collagen built around the thread holds the results for 12-15 months on average. Most people only need maintenance treatments every 18 months.

I have gone to Rejuve Med Spa for over 2 years to have Botox treatments done by Karen Brown. I have been doing Botox for over 10 years now and Karen Brown is the only person who ever has done my treatments without ever bruising me. I have gone to doctors that have left bruising but never with Karen. She is the BEST and I will always continue to receive my botox treatments from her. I have sent several friends to Rejuve too and they were completely satisfied with Karen Brown. Please keep her at Rejuve because she is definitely a asset to your company.

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