Your face is usually one of the first places to show signs of aging. As you get older, the structure of your skin can weaken, leading to a variety of subtle issues. Your cheeks start to sag, the skin becomes looser, and you end up with a more rounded and droopy jawline. The overall effect is one that can leave you looking a lot older than you actually are. 

Thankfully, the team at Rejuve Med Spa has treatments for this problem. As you’re aware, there are lots of surgical options to reverse the signs of aging in the cosmetic industry. However, we offer an alternative procedure that presents the same effects – with no surgery. This revolutionary treatment involves Novathreads.

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What is a Novathread?

A Novathread is a non-surgical alternative to traditional facelifts. Essentially, a Novathread is a needle that is loaded up with something called a PDO thread. This is a thread made from polydioxanone, and it is inserted into your skin, below the epidermis. This thread is used to tighten and contour the shape of the face. No cuts or incisions are needed, just one injection to get the thread into the right place. It stays under your skin, stimulating collagen synthesis and creating firmer skin. 

The reason PDO is used is that it can be fully absorbed within around 4 to 6 months. So, the thread disappears within your face, leaving no scars or signs whatsoever.

Novathread Procedure

The expert injectors at Rejuve Med Spa will begin by marking where to place the Novathreads on your face. You’ll then have local anesthesia to numb the area, freeing you from any potential pain. The Novathread needle is then inserted into the marked area, with the PDO thread pushed under your skin. The thread is placed at a specific angle to help lift up your skin tissue and create the optimal facelift effect! The needle is then removed, and the Novathread stays in place.

It’s common practice to have up to 15 threads placed in your treatment area, and our experts provide a soft massage to smooth your skin out and ensure no dimples are present. The threads stay in your face for up to 6 months, and the effects can last for over a year.

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Novathread Benefits

Novathreads are proven to help lift your facial features and boost collagen production. In doing so, this provides you with a firmer facial structure as the new collagen production offers more support for the skin. You get the facelift effect, creating more of a V-shape look with your cheekbones showing and no saggy skin on display! 

What’s more, you get all of this without extensive surgery to worry about. There are no scars, minimal discomfort, and you recover from the treatment in around 3 days. This makes it far more convenient than a facelift, and the results are shown to last for up to 18 months before touch-ups are required. 

Am I a Candidate for a Thread Lift?

If you have notable signs of aging in your face, you could be a candidate for a thread lift. Especially if you’re looking for a non-surgical alternative to a facelift. As with all of our treatments, your eligibility will be discussed at length during your free consultation.

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